Amsterdam Table Mechanism

Product Code: 1417ST This mechanism provides that by pulling double table plate upwards and fold open upper plate, the coffee table transforms into a dinner table with storage. The spring powered mechanism eases smooth close and opening.

Budapest Table Mechanism

Product Code: 1417BD Due to its gas spring actuating system, It allows a table to stop and lift at any height between designated dimensions. It can also become larger in size by turning 90 degrees and unfolding the top part of the table.

Auto-Lock Bed Mechanism

Product Code: 613KB It is used in bed systems with store basement. By the support of gas spring the mattress frame can be lifted up to an opening of 35 degrees and locks the frame to secure against accidentall closure of the store basement. To unlock system, mattress frame has>

Big Special Japon Mechanism

Product Code: 812OJ This product is designed to lower production cost of sofabeds. As known, generally sofabeds are made with spring upholstry. With this mechanism the sofas back font can be made with sponge and the seat font with spring upholstry. As the sponge back font is 4-5 cm thinner>

Small Bed Mechanism Rio

Product Code: 1213KR It is used for bed systems with store basement. It provides the mattress frame to be opened 40 degrees by gas spring support and this allows the storing basement to be used. Mechanism can be used with 450 – 750 N powered gas springs.

Big Japon Mechanism

Product Code: 212J It is a sofa-bed mechanism transforming from sitting with store case basement into a bed position. Applicable in metal profile and wooden skeleton couches.

Dualfex Bed Mechanism

Product Code: 213IY This mechanism is used in bed systems with store basement. By the support of gas spring the bedframe lifts up to a 40 degrees opening and the body flexible head / shoulder frame section can be lifted up in 3 levels.

Big Balkan Mechanism

Product Code: 712BB It is used in sofas with wooden framing to adjust the sofa from sitting position to store case or bed position. Used in single, double or triple types of sofas.

Wallbed Mechanism

Product Code: 1213DM It provides vertical and horizontal ready to use bed storing in furniture unit and makes you saving living space with function. Function is very easy to handle without effort. Mechanism can be used with 700-1900 N powered gas springs for single and double beds.