Z Bed Mechanism

Product Code: 811ZY By pulling upwards the couch seat it creates space to the backrest which then can be folded down into this space and becomes a bed by this action. Suitable for corner sets or double and triple couches.

Upholstry Unit Connector

Product Code: 1014MK It is used to connect corner sets with adjustable spacing to each other by remaining invisible and can be turned right / left avoiding damages during transport.

Small Case Mechanism

Product Code: 211KS It provides corner extentions and to open 60 degrees with the assistance of a spring. The frame inside to be used as a store case.

Corner Bed Mechanism

Product Code: 211KY It is used in the sofas with wooden frame or metal profile frame to transform the sofa into a bed by drawing out seperate extension from under the seat by a semi circular angle movement.

Armrest Levelizer

Product Code: 711KK It is a functional Mechanism that provides to move the headrest and the armrest parts of armchairs and couches with up to 10 levels with 9 degree angles each step. Available in 3,6,8 and 10 levels.

Active/Passive Profle Armrest Levelizer

Product Code: 411KK It is designed to be placed into the box profile and mounted by welding into the armrest metal frames of the couches. It provides moving the armrest in three different positions.