Sliding Trail Set

Product Code: 615RK It is used in the sofas with wooden frame or metal prole frame to pull the case under sitting part easily as a drawer.

Armrest Connector

Product Code: 212KB This product consisting of a mating part with two slides, is used for joining arms of sofas and armchairs to cases of them. Assembling is done by puting arms on the side of the armchair and mounting bolted leg after slides have telescoped. With this product it>

E Connector

Product Code: 615KS E-Connector is used in corner sets to assemble the corner parts or other easy fitting purposes bu interlocking system.

Connetting Rondel

Product Code: 615BP Washer is used to protect the steel sheet of Japon Mechanisms from being crushed when the nut is tightened and provides a long life of the profile.